IGA001: Starting The Journey – An Overview Of The Future


This is the introduction episode in a long journey to understanding ourselves and our culture, as we gain the advantages of age in the 2nd half of our lives. The podcast series is dedicated to getting older gracefully, powerfully, and consciously.This opening episode helps you to determine how this podcast series can provide value to you as you get older in our culture. It offers an overview of the sort of topics that are planned, and a flavor for the messages that will be promoted by the series. It also details how you can get involved in these messages.
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In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • How this podcast can help you to live a more powerful and engaged 2nd half of life.
  • The important difference between growing older and growing old.
  • Why I am launching this podcast, what I hope to give, and what I hope to gain.
  • Why, as a caregiver, you will find greater insight about those you care for from this podcast.
  • The kinds of topics and subject matter that will be approached in the upcoming episodes.
  • The meaning of the handstand in the brand's logo.
  • How to share the message and information contained in the upcoming episodes.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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