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The Aging Academy brand is changing its name. This article explains why the name is changing. But first, let’s go into a little bit of history.

I have been studying and writing about aging (as well as getting older) for many years now. People were always asking me about my “secrets” for wearing my age so well. In those days it was always a surprise to me to see people react to learning my age. Seeing the pain and discomfort that I saw in other people’s eyes about getting older, I wanted to share with them A more powerful and positive approach to aging That could unleash the great potential of these years in a large segment of our] population. I started writing about the topic about 10 years ago after I hit my 60th birthday. I established the growth works website as a home for those blogs and articles. That website is still around in its archived form, But I no longer add content to it. ( A few of those articles have been moved to the updated websites that I will mention in a short bit. After 3 or 4 years of writing I moved my message to podcasting And created the inner game of aging Podcast and website. This name more clearly reflected the purpose of the effort. I enjoyed enough success there to attract the attention Of a person who felt he had a claim to the name of the Podcast. In response to his allegations (and his child-like behaviors) I decided that I liked the name the Aging Academy more than I liked the I.G.A. name. So after releasing more than 30 episodes under the I.G.A. moniker, I moved the effort to the new name of The Aging Academy. Those initial Podcast releases still have the I.G.A. name embedded the podcast audio. I have not gone back to edit the audio to reflect the new name. Since that time, i have received several awards for the Podcast. In 2019, on feedspot, it was listed 14th of the 15 best podcast related to aging (full disclosure: in my absence over the past year, that rating has fallen to 27 out of 30). And The Podcast episodes have been downloaded over 61,000 times from podbean and other podcast directories.

Recent life changes have forced me to reduce my efforts a bit so new releases have been slow in coming. However in my reinvigoration of the effort, i have received several comments and queries regarding the name of the brand. After hearing the name, people have asked “Is this where we learn how to age?”. Or they have asked “How old is the Academy for it to earn the name of the aging Academy?”, or even Questioning if there is an age requirement to participate in the aging Academy? So I have come to understand that the Aging Academy moniker can produce some confusion as to what is actually going on behind the name.

I realize there is no perfect name that would be crystal clear for my intentions and purpose. But considering the questions and queries that I’ve already received on the aging Academy, And after discussions with a few friends on this topic (thank you Leslie Evans and others), I stumbled across the name of the ageless Academy, Which seemed to clarify much of the confusion of the queries that I had been receiving.
After all, it really isn’t about being older or younger. It is about being the age you are in the best way possible. It is about exploring the potential of what lies ahead regardless of how short or long that time may be. It is about being ageless, regardless of how young or old you are. Your connection to life is not dependent on your age.

Hence, the Aging Academy has been renamed the Ageless Academy.

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