IGA022: From a Picture of Health to a Stroke Survivor in 3 easy days


The possibility of having a stroke presents a scary picture to most all of us. Lee Looks at this fear head on as he describes his journey to becoming a stroke survivor. Along the way we learn some valuable and potentially life saving information that should be heard by everyone. Although this episode is on the longer side, listen only to the first 20 minutes of this. if your earbuds are not glued to your ears by that time, then skip the rest of the episode. We’re confident that you will find more than enough information to enjoy the whole thing. But you decide.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode:

  • How to identify someone (friend or loved-one) who is having a stroke
  • Why time is of the essence is getting medical attention for a stroke.
  • What is a silent stroke and why are they so dangerous.
  • A primer on Types of Strokes
  • Being Fit vs. Being healthy
  • The dangers of Cholesterol and stress
  • Factors that help in recovering from a stroke

Time-Stamps for Questions and Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Strokes vs. the “Grow older, not Old” message? (1:25)
  • My reasons for feeling Blessed from this stroke. (4:27)
  • A stroke in much more dangerous when it comes on slowly. (9:41)
  • At the hospital – first day (11:20)
  • The 4 primary objectives of a hospital’s care for a stroke victim (14:25)
  • The hospital’s initial evaluation and assessment procedures (18:15)
  • be careful with what you think a stroke would feel like? (23:39)
  • F.A.S.T = Face. Arms.Speech.Time (26:06)
  • Understanding strokes – Types, Stats, Facts (28:20)
  • TIA’s – the silent strokes are real scary stuff (34:38)
  • What actually caused Lee’s stroke? (36:39)
  • Being fit vs. being healthy (39:45)
  • Cholesterol (41:36)
  • Stress (45:56)
  • Evaluating the damage caused by the stroke (51:36)
  • Leaving the hospital (54:59)
  • recovering at home (57:48)
  • recovery, self-esteem and purpose (1:01:02)

Links and Resources:

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The PDF of Strokes Resources and Information:

We’ve prepared a PDF chocked full of information about Lee’s stroke adventure and strokes in general. You will find this helpful in understanding the events, circumstances and challenges of those around you struggling with stroke recovery. This PDF contains:

  • Actual brain scan images showing Lee’s carotid arteries as well as normal arteries in the same area.
  • A sequence of photos showing how neuroplasticity can be used to minimize, over time, the damages from strokes through the use of deliberate and purpose-driven practice.
  • A 7 minute video where Lee recalls a few chuckles related to his treatment and care in the hospital during his stroke
  • Several arterial anatomy illustrations clearly showing the arterial structures involved in Lee’s stroke.
  • Selected videos dealing with understanding cholesterol to help prevent mistakes in minimizing stroke risks
  • How to quickly tell if you or someone with you is having a stroke.
  • Plus more…

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