IGA023- Strokes: Making it to the Other Side With Attitude


As we learned from the previous episode, Lee had suffered a stroke on Dec. 29, 2016. Episode #22 goes into much detail about what Lee went through as he set out on his journey to recovered this stroke and how he would manage himself going forward to drastically reduce the chances of it happening again.It is helpful to listen to that episode before this one. In this follow-up, Lee reviews his recovery progress, his visit with neurology doctors, updates on critical information about arterial plaque build-up and cholesterol, and adjustments he will make to his health plans moving ahead. Lee’s journey provides a fascinating view of strokes from the onset to recovery. He considers himself extremely fortunate since many time stroke recovery is a lifetime effort.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode:

  • How people with good cholesterol levels can still end up with arterial plaque buildup
  • What one-man’s version of stroke recovery looks like. (remember, everyone is different.)
  • one strategy for reducing stroke risks after the first stroke has occurred.

Links and Resources:

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The PDF of Strokes Resources and Information:

We’ve prepared a PDF chocked full of information about Lee’s stroke adventure and strokes in general. You will find this helpful in understanding the events, circumstances and challenges of those around you struggling with stroke recovery. This PDF contains:

  • Actual brain scan images showing Lee’s carotid arteries as well as normal arteries in the same area.
  • A sequence of photos showing how neuroplasticity can be used to minimize, over time, the damages from strokes through the use of deliberate and purpose-driven practice.
  • A 7 minute video where Lee recalls a few chuckles related to his treatment and care in the hospital during his stroke
  • Several arterial anatomy illustrations clearly showing the arterial structures involved in Lee’s stroke.
  • Selected videos dealing with understanding cholesterol to help prevent mistakes in minimizing stroke risks
  • How to quickly tell if you or someone with you is having a stroke.
  • Plus more…

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