IGA025 – Elder Law – Part 2 of Avoiding the Dark Side Of Personal Planning


The practice of elder law covers a myriad of life topics. David R. Craig, a NH elder law attorney, opens up many of these areas for us during this 2-part conversation. Hear Lee and David chat about many of the ramifications and pitfalls in managing our financial and health affairs to support all the possibilities ahead of us as we grow older. This is the second part of an engaging discussion delving further into several aspects of elder law. Lee and David continue with living wills, powers of attorney (both financial and health, guardianship, and Medicaid rules. David continues to educate us about the care that must be taken in setting up our arrangement to avoid surprises as our future events unfold.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode

  • A Perspective on Living Wills
  • The various type of ‘Power of Attorney” documents
  • Why Guardianships should be avoided
  • A few details on Medicaid rules in regards to gifts and personal assets

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    • Website: The law office of David R. Craig
    • National Elder Law Foundation

      National Elder Law Foundation

    • Two FREE articles Written by David R. Craig to increase our understanding (Get these sent to your inbox immediately)

      • “It is only now, after nearly 15 years in this practice area that I am beginning to understand what the term – Elder Law – really means”.
        Understand how an attorney sees the practice of Elder Law. Read David’s personal accounting of real-life circumstances with his mother, and other clients that underscore the importance of making basic legal arrangements. See why David questions the term “Elder Law”.
      • “Today, families are required to provide every detail of the last five years of their financial lives”.
        David has been watching the Medicaid landscape for many years and has noted some disturbing trends. In this article, he takes a look at where these issues might be headed. He explores both the history and possible future that we all may be facing with these issues

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