IGA026- The DAWN method- A breakthrough in Dementia care


Caring for loved ones with dementia can be expensive, exhausting, and emotionally draining. And those afflicted with the condition can experience many frustrations as they struggle to continue in a world that doesn’t recognize what is happening to them.The DAWN method of dementia care, developed by Judy Cornish, shifts our paradigm on how we view dementia and opens the door to more compassionate care, allows us to keep our loved ones with us longer, instead of in institutions. This alone can drastically reduce the cost of dementia care. If you are touched in any way by any form of dementia, the information in this episode could easily be a game-changer for you. this discussion is guaranteed to affect how you dementia and those suffering with it.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode:

  • Why the DAWN Method of dementia care is a paradigm shift opening up new possibilities.
  • How a person with dementia feels when interacting with the normal world
    • The difference between intuitive and rational thinking
    • The remembering self vs. the experiencing self
  • What qualities and aspects remain in a person with dementia
  • How to provide a taste of security, comfort, and purpose to those with dementia
  • How to partner and become a team-mate to a person with dementia
  • How to delay the inevitability of a nursing home for a loved one with dementia.

Links and Resources:

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As the founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network® (DAWN), Judy Cornish approaches dementia care with clear and empathetic methods that not only improve the lives of the individuals with dementia but also of those caring for them.

Act quickly to get this book shipped to you for free. Yes, you read correctly. Judy has made a small quantity of copies available to Insiders Club members free. The Dementia Handbook will be shipped free of charge to the first newly registered Insider club members after the release of this podcast episode.
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The Dementia Handbook

Training in the DAWN Method

The method is taught in 8 one-hour sessions, starting with an introduction to dementia care. The following seven classes help attendees learn to recognize and respond to seven specific emotional needs caused by dementia, and provide tools and techniques for meeting those needs.

  • Class #1: Dementia Care Overview
  • Class #2: Practicing Mood Management
  • Class #3: Developing Security in Confusion
  • Class #4: Developing Security in Care
  • Class #5: Giving Social Success
  • Class #6: Giving a Sense of Control
  • Class #7: Giving a Sense of Value
  • Class #8: Building a Secure Future

Judy’s Blog Posts

Judy has written extensively on her findings in dealing with people with dementia and offers many insightful perspectives in her writings. The link above will take you to her blog posts. Here are just a few of the subjects you will find there.

  • Is Diagnosing the Specific Type of Dementia Important?
  • How Do We Help Someone Feel Secure in Our Care?
  • Why is Mood Management So Important?
  • Let’s Talk About Abilities and Dementia
  • How to make dementia care less frustrating
  • How we feel dictates how we behave

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