IGA036: Reverse Aging And Disease with Human Celluar Regeneration??


Many species possess an ability to regenerate damaged tissues to regrow new limb or organs through the mechanism of cellular regeneration. Research is indicating that humans have similar regenerative capabilities, but only at specific times during embryonic development. If this capability could be extended or ignited throughout our lifespan, it would be a major blow to the rise of chronic degenerative conditions currently on the rise. Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, kidney diseases, degenerative brain disorders, plus more could be effectively addressed with such medical technology. How real are these possibilities? How soon could we see drugs and other therapeutics become available to combat our chronic conditions?

Lee explores these possibilities with Ira S. Pastor, the CEO of a Bioquark, a company pushing the envelope in this area. Ira educates Lee (and you, the listener) on many of the concepts involved in bringing these solutions to market, and what the present status is on such developments. This is an intriguing conversation, teaching us much, and providing a useful look into a hopeful future.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode:

  • What is cellular regeneration and why is it important
  • The different types, or modes, of cellular regeneration found in nature
  • What are “Biologic” drugs?
  • The limitations of Stem Cell research
  • The three R’s of cellular research – Regeneration, Repair, and Rejuvenation.
  • what diseases consume the largest portion of the 7 Trillion dollars spent on healthcare around the world?
  • new paradigms in understanding (and curing) cancer

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