TAA038: Behind the scenes of The Aging Academy Reboot


Lee is back. Episode 38 is the first episode under the new name of The Aging Academy. This episode goes behind the scenes to explain a little bit of the why & how of this rebranding, and how listeners/subscribers can successfully interact with the brand during this period of flux. Lee also creates a little bit of expectation for what lies ahead for supporters of the “Older not Old” message and how to do our part in promoting stronger aging characteristics in our culture.

This episode:

“Life always just happens, and you can’t stop it from doing so” – Lee Mowatt

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Show Notes

Question explored in this episode:

  • Why the podcast is re-branding as The Aging Academy (1:19)
  • What changes and what remains the same in this re-branding
  • Why the long hiatus since the last podcast release (4:18)
  • How you can become an ambassador for the “Older, Not Old” message (7:30)

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • This Article on the Inner Game Of Aging Website explaining why we are re-branding
  • Join the Insider’s Club and Start Mastering You Aging Process

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Join the Insider’s Club and Start Mastering You Aging Process

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