TAA039: Exploring Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rachna Patel


Lee’s guest for this episode is Dr. Rachna Patel, whose practice has given her the reputation of being the Medical Marijuana Expert. Together, they bring this controversial topic into the light to answer many common questions (and a few uncommon ones). The conversation is packed with information such as – Medical vs. Recreational; the medical conditions that can be directly addressed with these treatments; who should avoid medical marijuana; Big Pharma’s role, plus much more.

“Cannabis affects both Dopamine and Seratonin levels – Two chemicals that are critical in our emotional well-being. – Dr. Rachna Patel

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Audio TimeStamps of Key Points: (For quick reference to key points in this episode.)

  • Recreational vs. Medicinal Cannabis (07:21)
  • Health conditions that respond well to cannabis treatments (20:19)
    • e.g. Insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, etc.
  • Treatment possibilities for Parkinson’s and Cancer (34:29)
  • Those who should avoid medical cannabis (41:01)
  • Big Pharma and cannabis (43:29)

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Links and Resources:

The topic of Medical Marijuana (MM) has exploded over the past 2 years. Educational resources are plentiful on both sides of this debate. If you are interested in learning more about MM, you can start with the list of resources on this page. But a simple google search will turn up a wealth of reading to keep you busy for days.

Consider the following list as just a door opener for your explorations:

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