IGA033: Inter-Generational Learning – Finding Teachers in Strange Places


This episode delves into the concepts of Inter-Generational Learning (IGL). Inter-Generational Learning (IGL) is the oldest form of learning dating back to when the old taught the young how to create pictures on cave walls. Lee has recently had two intense experiences showing the immense value of IGL for both young and old. The telling of these experiences provides an educational and entertaining view of how Lee is “mixing it up” with the younger generations and what he (and they) are learning from the interactions. He starts off with his recent trip to Lake Placid, NY, where he meets up with an entirely different culture. The episode finishes with his considerations and ultimate signing up to be a member of a new gym where “kids” are training parkour skills. This episode will have you chuckling a bit, but more importantly, Lee hopes to inspire your own inter-generational experiences.

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This episode explores :

  • What younger people can teach us about getting older.
  • How to learn about getting older from the young.
  • Lee’s personal experiences engaging much younger people in his pursuit to understand life and aging.

Audio File Timestamps:

  • Lake Placid, NY trip descriptions – 6:14
  • Pivotal Parkour descriptions – 24:15
  • Winding Down (Reminders, Announcements) – 34:06

Links and Resources:

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  • Pictures from Lake Placid, NY Trip (2017) (click picture to enlarge)
  • Pivotal Parkour Website
  • If you are older than 50, you should have learned NOT to do this stuff. Kids are made of rubber. You are NOT.

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