IGA034: Re-creating Senior Living With Technology Innovations


We now live in a world where technology has become essential in the management of our lives. Despite the negative effects, technology has brought so many new capabilities and benefits. However, we can see pitifully few of these benefits when it comes to Senior living and senior care. Whether we are talking about independent living communities, assisted living facilities, traditional nursing homes, or memory care units, the tools, and solutions that could be used to further the convenience and capability of older citizens have remained essentially untapped. The senior living options show little evidence of the technological advances that surround us in our normal environments. Lee discusses this situation with Lisa Cini who has been working hard for more than 20 years to study how technology improve the lives of our parents and grandparents (and ourselves). Lisa has authored two books on the topic and provides excellent food for thought in this intriguing conversation.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode:

  • The 2 primary reasons people go into senior care facilities
  • How technology can be brought into the senior housing market for significant impact on convenience and care.
  • Several interesting and insightful examples of today’s technology which could improve senior living and senior care facilities.
    • Data mining
    • House sensors
    • Medication assistance
    • health monitoring devices

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