Join Lee as he continues to share his insights and experiences in handling the challenges of aging. In this episode, he shares the difficulties of going blind in one eye. Aging forces us to accept who we are becoming. The question is: How are we dealing with those challenges? Are we sidelined by them, or do we choose to see these as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and the possibilities that our inevitable aging bring? Lee goes into his personal history in facing medical trauma, knowing that the master is not the one who has the best circumstance, but one who makes the best from any circumstance. Lee firmly believes that you cannot have bad without good. They are flip sides of the same coin. As he promised, Lee allows his listeners and Insider’s Club members to follow along with his aging journey as he explores these somber adventures with acute glaucoma and blindness in his right eye.

“The Aging Academy teaches that growing older has a legitimate reason and purpose in our culture, and in all cultures.” – Lee Mowatt

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Additional Information

One of the primary testing tools of  opthalmologists is the Visual Field Test which measures how wide of an area each eye can see when you focus on a central point. It helps create a detailed map of where you can and can’t see in your field of vision. The following links give more information on this testing tool.

After receiving the news that I had suffered significant vision loss in my right eye, and realizing the importance of preserving all the vision I possibly could in my left eye, my doctors told me, in no uncertain terms, that I had to stop being upside down. I wanted to commemorate the accomplishments of the past 15 or so years of doing handstands and headstands around this great country of ours. I offer this video to memorialize the “Hand-Prints” I have left behind as part of my journey before I begin the next part … On my feet.


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