Lee Deeply respects the wisdom and perspectives of the elders in our culture. The changes they have seen in their lifetime often provide useful insights about what lies at the heart of many of our current events. In this episode, Lee has the opportunity to speak with 94-year-old elder – Priscilla. They discuss the culture and society as it was and how it has evolved to the characteristics around us today.
Priscilla points to many cultural factors such as:
★ the elimination of Sunday Blue laws,
★ the introduction of factories,
★ World war 2 and the Vietnam War, and
★ the rise of social media as a cultural influence.
She also muses on the many pursuits she has engaged in during her time – piano, painting, Tai-chi. Her ability to speed-read helps her to stay cognitively sharp and up-to-date on current events.

Join Lee in this intriguing conversation with an engaging elder to see where your insights will fall.

“Social Media – It changed everything. Everyone knows everything at the drop of a hat.” – Priscilla

A few of the questions and topics you will learn about  in this episode

  • Life before social media and antibiotics
  • How towns evolved into cities
  • The immigration of factory workers
  • The damage of social media
  • Brief mentions of our current politics
  • Painting as a creative outlet
  • The beauty of Tai-Chi
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