Lee is back, this time to explore how our thoughts evolve with us. More specifically, this episode discusses the human value system and how it typically changes with the years. Human values are the virtues that guide us to take into account the human element when we interact with other human beings. They determine how we feel and treat others on a small and large scale. These values help us to determine what is right or wrong in our lives. Lee has observed that our values (e.g. Achievement, Hedonism, Security, Conformity, Tradition, Power, etc.) changes as we age. He offers 4 introspective questions (See below in the timestamps section) whose answers reveal who you were, as well as whom you have become in relation to your values. He also shares his own answers to these questions to show the changes that have occurred in his thinking over the past 25 years. Listen and join Lee in a powerful tool to help you forgive your past and chart a brighter future.

“But most of us, not all, leave our youthful thinking behind in the same way and for the same reason, we leave speedos and bikinis behind. They just don’t fit our values anymore.” Lee Mowatt

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Audio TimeStamps of Key Points: (For quick reference to key points in this episode.)

  • The definition of human values – 7:00
  • The Source of and Purpose of our Human Values – 11:20
  • The 4 F’s of Life – 12:49
  • Why our values change during our lives 14:14
  • The 4 questions at the heart of this exploration – 16:14
  • Question #1 – Which person do you like better – 20:26
  • Question #2 – what means less now than it did before – 26:47
  • Question #3 – What means more than it did before – 31:04
    • Thoughts on Solitude – 32:53
    • Thoughts on happiness vs. contentment – 34:55
    • The development of wisdom – 38:38
    • Thoughts on right vs. wrong – 43:40
  • Question #4 – Advice to my younger self – 44:41


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