IGA031: The Cost Of Ageism – Clouding up Beautiful Sunsets


No matter who we are or what group we belong to, we are all growing older. All of us must prepare in some way to optimize the later years of our life. Rising to the status of a wise old Elder is something we all should aspire to. This is a revered position in many cultures. Cultural ageism takes away this aspiration and robs us of the wisdom that is contained in so many of our elders. This episode sparks our own internal exploration to discover our personal relationship with Ageism. Learning the many faces of ageism can save our older years from falling into its trap.

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What You Will Learn About In This Episode:

  • What is ageism
  • Where does ageism come from
  • Why we need to address this problem
  • How we might tackle this problem in ourselves and in our culture

Links and Resources:

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