Despite the stereotypes to the contrary, others have discovered and are promoting the inspiring stories & messages freely given by our elders. Gail Zugerman offers up these stories through her podcast – GrowingOlderWithGusto. In this episode, Gail & Lee compare notes about their experiences with the older generations and what they have learned from this engagement. Together they explore lessons such as how successfully aging people view their past & future and how to turn an ordinary past into an extraordinary future. You won’t want to miss Gail’s 5 keys that are critical for successful aging. This conversation will surely inspire an upgrade in your thinking as to how you see yourself on your forward path.

“Spend your days doing what you were put here to do” – Gail Zugerman

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Additional Information

Gail has many interesting guests and many intrguing topics on her list of podcsat episodes. I’ve selected just a few of the episodes just to give you an idea of what you will find when  you visit her podcast website,. There you can see and hear the full list of guest and topics. Visit to see her full list.

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  1. Lee – Here’s an Aging Academy podcast idea that’s highly relevant and informative for seniors: Nine Ways to Boost Seniors’ Health and Well-being. This idea reflects my recent book, Choose Better, Live Better – Nine Healthy Choices that Nurture Body, Mind, and Spirit. Seniors comprise the target audience. The book makes the scientific case that these simple, practical, evidence-based lifestyle choices can help seniors extend their Quality of Lifespan—live better, live longer. I identified these choices following a life-threatening injury on the Pacific Crest Trail at age 66. Since my recovery, I’ve tested these choices under demanding conditions on 11,800 miles of long-distance hiking and cycling adventures. These lifestyle choices work! I’d like to engage, inspire, and uplift seniors in your podcast audience with engaging personal stories and brief examples of the science that illustrate the power of these healthy choices to help seniors age gracefully. Please contact me at 303.819.6726 or send me an email at so we can chat. Thanks for your consideration! Best wishes, Alan Carpenter

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